1oo Life Goals

Below is my list of 100 Life Goals. Last year this page went viral. If you are interested in setting your own then have a look at mine and my blog where I regularly give ideas and tips to get you started.


  1. Own a dog (adopted shadow 25/11/17)
  2. Sleep under the stars
  3. Plant a forest
  4. Visit Pixar studios, California
  5. Speak at a conference (Maybe TEDx)
  6. Meet Barak Obama
  7. Go diving on a reef
  8. Go white water rafting
  9. Own a piece of art from an admirable artist
  10. Learn to surf
  11. Go Ice Driving
  12. See the northern lights
  13. Do a random act of kindness
  14. Build or buy my dream home
  15. Buy a Tag Heuer Watch
  16. Own a 4×4
  17. Own a sports car
  18. Buy & Restore a VW Splitscreen
  19. Read 50 books in a year
  20. Curate a reef aquarium
  21. Stay in a treehouse
  22. See Taylor Swift in concert


  1. Pay off my student loan
  2. Pay off all debts by 2020
  3. Save 8 months of expensive in the bank
  4. Purchase our first home (19/11/17)
  5. Purchase my first investment property
  6. Save £1,000
  7. Save £5,000
  8. Save and Invest £10,000
  9. Save and Invest £25,000

Business / Work

  1. Launch a tech company
  2. Build a creative team at the business
  3. Be invested in by a VC
  4. Generate £100,000 revenue in a single year
  5. Generate £500,000 revenue in a single year
  6. Generate £1,000,000 revenue in a single year
  7. Save and purchase a business premise
  8. Buy a business
  9. Sell a business
  10. Start a product-based business
  11. Provide start up funds to new businesses and ideas


  1. Go on an around the world adventure
  2. Travel Europe by campervan
  3. Fly business / first class
  4. Visit the white house
  5. Go on a mission trip
  6. Go on a cruise
  7. Go on a safari holiday
  8. Take Annabel to Disneyland
  9. Visit Iceland
  10. Visit Hawaii and Maui
  11. Visit Yellow Stone national park
  12. Take my parents to the Grand Canyon
  13. Visit Canada
  14. Go on a kayaking adventure
  15. Visit New Zealand
  16. See the Northern lights
  17. Visit the Galapagos islands
  18. Eat real pizza in Italy
  19. Have a route 66 road trip
  20. Step foot on all 7 continents


  1. Sponsor a child
  2. Sponsor a UK family
  3. Donate 1 million pounds in one go
  4. Go on a mission trip abroad
  5. Change someone’s life completely
  6. Start a social enterprise
  7. Become a mentor to other entrepreneurs
  8. “pay it forward task”


  1. Fall in love
  2. Get married (Married Annabel 25/8/15)
  3. Weekly date Annabel for the rest of our lives
  4. Make her greatest dream happen
  5. Start a family
  6. Enjoy a lifelong relationship with my kids
  7. Do something extra special for my kids
  8. Go gliding with my dad
  9. Live to meet my grandchildren
  10. Adopt a child

Personal Development

  1. Complete a postgraduate degree (1/9/15)
  2. Complete my PHD
  3. Learn to play piano
  4. Learn to sail
  5. Fly a plane solo & get my pilots Licence
  6. Write and publish a book
  7. Learn comprehensive branding design
  8. Learn photography
  9. Develop my public speaking skills
  10. Develop and launch a phone app
  11. Develop and launch a video game
  12. Become an angel investor
  13. Create & publish a children’s book
  14. Eliminate procrastination
  15. Advocate for mental health awareness
  16. Become comfortable saying ‘no’ when I don’t want to do something
  17. Start a thankfulness journal
  18. Become physically fit
  19. Pray daily for 60 days
  20. Enjoy life